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Polyurethane Products - India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polyurethane Products Corporation, USA, located in Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore.

Polyurethane Products Company, INDIA has been in business since 1990, in Bangalore. Our specialty has been molded high performance Polyurethanes or Urethanes. There are other Companies in India, that have stolen our web site contents, copied our catalogs and the phrase 'high performance', and claim many of the things we do. But they can never replicate the experience, expertise and the performance proven track record.

Polyurethane Products Company is a subsidiary of Polyurethane Products Corporation, USA has been in bussiness since 1978 in Chicago.

Innovative new products in using Urethane as a metal bending die have been the nice & the premise for the success of this Company. Supplemented by the steel Press Brake Tooling manufacturing Company at the same location, we can design, produce & try-out Custom Tooling better than any other Company in the world.